Resources for Authors

We encourage DCP3 editors, authors, and other contributors to utilize the below resources in upcoming presentations, events, or conferences.  These reources include PowerPoint slides, press releases, Lancet overview articles, and more.  We also encourage you to pursue opportunities to promote your involvement in DCP3, which may include social media (Twitter: @dcpthree), blog posts, op-eds, or presentations.  We ask that you keep us informed when you use DCP3 findings in your work by contacting us at

Report DCP3, Mental Health

Improving Women’s Mental Health
Improving Women’s Mental Health


Disease Control Priorities, 3rd Edition: Improving Health and Reducing Poverty
Lead Author: Dean Jamison
, The Lancet
DCP3 Series Informational Brochure
DCP3 Author Instructions
DCP3 Informational Powerpoint Slides
DCP3 Introductory Powerpoint Template


Essential Surgery: Key Messages from Disease Control Priorities, 3rd Edition
Lead Author: Charles Mock
, The Lancet
DCP3 Essential Surgery Powerpoint Template
Essential Surgery Key Messages