Financing Cancer Care in Low-Resource Settings

Authors: Felicia Knaul, Susan Horton, Pooja Yerramilli, Hellen Gelband, Rifat Atun


Funding for cancer care comes primarily from domestic sources, and appropriate financing and insurance systems are essential components of any national cancer plan. Since cancer care can be costly, complex, and long-term, health insurance is essential to avoid impoverishing households. Country examples illustrate alternative paths to increased insurance financing for cancer care and some of the outcomes achieved. Some middle-income countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are beginning to see the impacts of including cancer screening and treatment in public insurance, and rising incomes in Asia are leading to an expansion of public financing for these interventions. The results of expanding insurance to cover cancer in these countries indicates that prevention, early detection, treatment, and care interventions can be effectively integrated into basic service packages covered by a combination of social insurance and tax-financed schemes.




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