Allison Phillips

University of California, San Francisco Global Health Sciences

Allison Phillips is Deputy Lead of the UCSF Global Health Group’s Malaria Elimination Initiative (MEI) and is also the founding team member of the MEI, having joined the project in 2008. Allison’s role is to co-lead the MEI’s strategy, fundraising efforts, grant management, donor and partner relations, and team operations. Allison has a strong interest in securing an enabling environment for countries and regional initiatives to successfully eliminate malaria and prevent reintroduction. Prior to joining the MEI, Allison lived in Tanzania for three years where she worked with a large NGO to lead malaria and HIV prevention education programs in rural farming communities and in small/medium-sized workplaces. With over 13 years of global public health experience, she worked with McKinsey & Company to recommend investment opportunities in the private health sector across Africa, worked on HIV/AIDS in Thailand, and researched the relationship between modern and traditional medicine in India. Allison has a BA in Medical Anthropology from Lewis & Clark College.

Chapters Authored

Major Infectious Diseases