Economic Evaluation Methods

DCP3 includes both synthesis of a large number of existing research studies as well as new analyses and advancing economic methods. Many of the methods and syntheses are published in DCP3 chapters and separately in peer-reviewed journal articles, however some original analyses are only published in journal articles. 

In addition synthesizing cost, cost-effectiveness, and benefit-cost analyses DCP3 has developed innovative methods or modelling costs of packages of care and has developed a new evaluation method known as extended cost-effectiveness analysis (ECEA).

Most of DCP3's work on costing was to synthesize existing studies. In addition, DCP3 developed methods of costing packages of interventions. 

CEA compares the total costs and outcomes (or effects) of different interventions and provides a useful reference point for making policy choices. 

DCP3 Chapters

ECEA is used to evaluate and quantify non-health impacts of health policy such as equity and financial risk protection.