Beverley Essue

The University of Sydney Medical School

Beverley Essue is a Research Fellow at the Menzies Centre for Health Policy and an Honorary Research Fellow at the George Institute for Global Health. She is currently the recipient of a NHMRC Sydney Sax Early Career Research Fellowship. She has a Master of Public Health degree and PhD (Health Economics and Health Policy) from the University of Sydney.

She is a health systems researcher. Her research investigates economic and social outcomes of populations affected by chronic illness with a focus on those marginalised by socio-economic disadvantage. She has expertise in developing and applying metrics to analyse the household economic impact of chronic illness and identifying the supports that are required within health and social welfare systems to live and manage well with illness. She also has expertise in the following areas: the development, conduct and management of observational studies of household economic impact analysis; the analysis of patient-level economic hardship and out-of-pocket cost data and the conduct of policy analysis research using qualitative and mixed-methods approaches.