Didier Menard

Worldwide Antimalarial Resistance Network

Dr Didier Ménard was appointed Head of the WWARN In Vitro Group in 2014. Didier has extensive experience in malaria research, including epidemiology, molecular biology, in vitro testing and clinical trials. He joined the Institut Pasteur International Network in 1998 where he was leading the Malaria Research Units in Central African Republic and Madagascar. Didier’s research focuses on improving our understanding on the epidemiological features of malaria endemicity in order to help policy makers to conduct elimination plans. Didier is currently the Head of the Malaria Molecular Epidemiology Unit at Insitut Pasteur in Cambodia, leading the team that identified the molecular basis of artemisinin resistance and developed the tests for evaluation of artemisinin resistance in vitro and ex vivo. He has published more than 100 scientific articles.

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