Emiliano Albanese

National Institute on Aging/National Institutes of Health

Emiliano Albanese is a physician with an FMH specialization in public health (University of Milan/ London), an MSc in public health nutrition (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), and an MD-PhD in clinical neuropsychology.

Emiliano has worked at the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS), the Institute of Psychiatry (King’s College London), the National Institute on Aging (NIH, Bethesda – USA) and the MRC Unit of Life MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing (London/ UK), and he is currently an SSPH+ assistant professor of public mental health at the Department of Psychiatry (DUP), chef de clinique at the Department of Mental Health and Psychiatry of the University Hospital of Geneva (HUG) and head of the inter-departmental division of Public Mental Health and Aging of the Institute of Global Health of the University of Geneva.

Emiliano is a member of the 10/66 dementia research group (www.alz.co.ul/1066) since 2006 and of both the Gulbenkian Global Mental Health Platform and of the Center of Global Mental Health (UK).

Chapters Authored

Mental, Neurological, and Substance Use Disorders