James Scott

University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research

James is a child and adolescent psychiatrist whose main focus of research is broadly encapsulated under (i) child and adolescent mental health and (ii) early psychosis.

He has extensive clinical and research experience in areas of child and adolescent mental health including depression, anxiety, aggression, self harm, developmental disorders and pharmacotherapy. His research interests in early psychosis are prevention, phenomenology and treatment options.

James is currently engaged in a programme of research examining psychotic-like experiences in otherwise healthy individuals, mental health outcomes of bullying in adolescents, the role of cytokines in adolescent depression, the outcomes of early intervention in young children with autism and the outcomes of adolescents experiencing their first episode of psychosis.

The programmes are a combination of clinical work with patient samples and epidemiological studies in collaboration with large mental health surveys and birth cohort studies.

Chapters Authored

Mental, Neurological, and Substance Use Disorders