Joseph Babigumira

University of Washington, Dept. of Global Health

Dr. Joseph Babigumira is an Assistant Professor of Global Health and Adjunct Assistant Profressor of Pharmacy in the University of Washington's Department of Global Health.  He earned his doctorate in the Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy Program at the University of Washington, School of Pharmacy. His broad research interest is in improving access to safe and cost-effective diagnostic technologies, medicines, and healthcare delivery platforms in low-income countries.

In particular, he is involved in studying the status of health technology assessment in low-income countries, the cost-effectiveness and scale-up of rapid diagnostic tests for malaria, the cost-effectiveness of measles and rubella eradication efforts, the economic and health impact of unsafe abortions, the interface between health workforce shortages and low contraceptive coverage in poor countries, and the diffusion and sustainability of programs to supply modern contraceptives to women who need them. He has previously performed studies of the cost-effectiveness of programs to improve access to antiretroviral therapy and the economics of task shifting. Joseph is also interested in the impact and dynamics of spillover effects to the wider healthcare systems in low-income countries from heavily-funded disease areas such as HIV/AIDS and malaria.