Linda Cantley

Yale University School of Medicine

Linda Cantley, PT, MS is research associate, physical therapist and ergonomics consultant in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program at Yale University.  Since joining the staff of the Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program in 2000, Ms. Cantley has worked extensively to examine determinants of injury, illness and absenteeism in employee cohorts from a large, multi-national aluminum corporation, Alcoa Inc. and has co-authored several publications related to this work. 

In addition, she has worked in close consultation with company health and safety professionals to develop corporate ergonomics policy, establish corporate ergonomics metrics to facilitate control of physical hazards in the workplace, and measure the impact of ergonomics initiatives on worker injury risk. Ms. Cantley's primary research interests include the multi-faceted roles of workplace physical, psychosocial and organizational factors as contributors to acute and chronic occupational injury, musculoskeletal disorders, and absenteeism among industrial workers.  


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