Paul Watkiss

Paul Watkiss Associates

Paul Watkiss is an independent researcher with 20 years' experience of multi-disciplinary research in climate change and adaptation policy, as well as a Senior Visiting Research Associate at the ECI, University of Oxford.

Paul’s main area of expertise focuses on the impacts and economic costs of climate change, and the costs and benefits of adaptation. He developed the method for the UK’s adaptation economic national study, and has provided economic support and advice on adaptation costs and benefits to Defra, DFID, the EC, the OECD, the EEA, UNEP and the UNFCCC.

Paul has led a number of country studies on the economics of climate change and adaptation including in Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi, and led technical development of Ethiopia’s Climate Resilience Strategy (Agriculture) and the Zanzibar Climate Change Strategy.  He was a contributory author on three chapters of the recent IPCC AR5 WGII (economics of adaptation and adaptation mitigation) and one chapter of the WGIII.

Chapters Authored

Injury Prevention and Environmental Health