Pooja Yerramilli

Harvard Global Equity Initiative

Pooja Yerramilli completed her B.A. at Yale University and MSc. at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the London School of Economics. She has been involved in cancer advocacy efforts for several years, and was an active participant in policy discussions regarding smoking behaviors and insurance coverage of smoking cessation treatments at Yale. She has research experience in South Africa and India, where she studied the challenges associated with aging populations and access to cancer care and control. Throughout her academic career, Pooja has published academic articles and opinion editorials regarding tobacco policies and cancer screening. Most recently, she has worked as a Research Assistant at the Harvard Global Equity Initiative, collaborated with the Indian Institute of Public Health, and co-led efforts to build a new global health e-advocacy platform called The Addlife Project (theaddlifeproject.org). Her primary research interests are in the financing of chronic diseases such as cancers as well as health promotion and prevention in the context of universal health coverage.