Richard Lilford

University of Warwick Medical School

Richard Lilford has over ten years experience as Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and over five years in the Department of Health. Currently he is Chair in Public Health at the University of Warwick. He additionally holds the position of Director for Warwick Centre for Applied Health Research and Delivery. Previously he was Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Birmingham, Vice-Dean for Applied Health Research and Director of the Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit. He directs the NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research & Care for West Midlands (CLAHRC-WM); a NICE External Assessment Centre and is Co-Investigator on many other research grants. He also has an extensive research portfolio in Clinical Trials, Decision Analysis and Bayesian Statistics. He was a member of the Technology Strategy Board, Regenerative Medicine Mission delegation to the USA in 2010.

Previous grants held include an EPSRC grant for Innovative Manufacturing: Regenerative Medicine; an EU Framework 6 grant, A Systems Approach to Tissue Engineering Processes and Products; and the Health Economic Workstream in the EPSRC Multidisciplinary Assessment of Technology Centre for Healthcare (MATCH). His greatest interest is in research methodology and Health Economics where his special expertise lies in supply side evaluations of new technology at the idea and design stages. He is Chair of the MRC/NIHR Methodology Advisory Panel and the DH Multiple Sclerosis Risk Sharing Scheme and is a NIHR Senior Investigator.

Articles & Reports

Peri-operative Pulse Oximetry in Low-Income Countries: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Lead Author: Samantha Burn
, Bulleton of the World Health Organization