Sanjiv Baxi

University of California San Francisco School of Medicine

Dr. Baxi is a HIV primary care provider at the 360 positive health clinic at UCSF, a general infectious diseases consultant at the UCSF parnassus campus and has appointments in the UCSF Divisions of Preventive Medicine, Infectious Diseases and the Center for AIDS Prevention. His general research interests involve the outcomes of treatment and prevention of infectious diseases, namely HIV/AIDS.

Sanjiv became interested in global health while in medical school where he became involved in the Cuba AIDS project, a non-profit organization that directly supports Cuban HIV/AIDS patients through a variety of mechanisms. As a part of this organization, he traveled to Havana and developed an understanding of the Cuban health system, from training of physicians to implementation of nationalized healthcare. In addition, during his fourth year of medical school, Sanjiv became involved with the Cinterandes foundation, an Ecuadorian organization that provides free mobile surgical care to the rural poor of remote Ecuador. In this capacity, he worked directly with the organization’s founder and former Ecuadorian minister of health, Edgar Rodas, acting as primary surgeon on a number of cases. Currently, Sanjiv is an internal medicine resident with an outpatient clinic at San Francisco General Hospital and is working with the Uganda Malaria Surveillance Project, targeting to quantify the burden of malarial disease in Eastern Africa and the impact of various interventions aiming to eradicate Malaria. In the future, he hopes to continue with his international work, ideally engaging in bridging the gap between research and policy in a translational capacity.


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