Stephen Connor

National Palliative Care Research Center

Dr. Connor has worked continuously in hospice and palliativecare for the past 37 years as a researcher, clinical psychologist, consultant, author,educator, advocate, & executive. He has been the CEO of four different UShospice programs and has been a consultant surveyor for the Joint Commission.Connor served for 10 years (98-08) in the leadership of the National Hospiceand Palliative Care Organization (US), as VP for research and internationaldevelopment, where he developed the research agenda for US hospices. He is nowfocused on palliative care development internationally with the WorldwidePalliative Care Alliance (WPCA), a global alliance of national and regionalhospice and palliative care organizations, and as a consultant to the OpenSociety Foundation’s International Palliative Care Initiative in New York. Healso serves as consultant senior research fellow for Capital Caring in theWashington, DC area.



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