Tim Wells

Medicines for Malaria Venture

Dr. Tim Wells is the Chief Scientific Officer of Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV). He and his team are responsible for the overall direction of MMV’s Research and Development portfolio of new medicines. He works with a wide network of partners and scientific advisors to move torward a new generation of innovative molecules which will help to drive the control and eradication of malaria. Prior to joining MMV in 2007, Dr. Wells was responsible for Research for Serono, a Swiss biotechnology company, with a large international team.  He has worked in industry for 20 years and has also done basic research with the Glaxo’s Molecular Biology Institute in Geneva. Dr. Wells completed his PhD in Chemistry in London and is an enzymologist by training. He also obtained a doctorate in Biology at Campbridge for his work on cytokine biology. Dr. Wells is currently a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Academy of Medical Sciences in the UK.

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