Trijn Israels

VUMC, Amsterdam

Dr. Trijn Israels is based at the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She received her pediatric and pediatric oncology training at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam. She worked for a few years as a pediatrician at the College of Medicine in Blantyre, Malawi. During this period Dr. Israels did some locally relevant research projects which resulted in a PhD thesis ‘Management of children with cancer in Malawi’.

Dr. Israels is at present the co-chair of SIOP PODC and coordinated the SIOP PODC working group that produces adapted treatment guidelines for children with cancer in low income countries. Two of these are the SIOP PODC treatment guideline / recommendations for the management of children with Wilms tumour and concomitant supportive care. Dr. Israels coordinates the SIOP Africa / PODC collaborative Wilms Tumor Project, based on these guidelines, in a steering committee with Dr Lorna Renner (Ghana), Prof Liz Molyneux (Malawi), Dr Francine Kouya (Cameroon) and Dr Joyce Kambugu (Uganda).