Wendong Chen

Leslie Dan School of Pharmacy, University of Toronto

Dr. Wendong Chen is an assistant professor in the Division of Clinical, Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto. Dr. Chen obtained his MD from Peking University and his PhD in Health Outcomes and Health Economics from University of Toronto. Dr. Chen's main research interests include clinical epidemiology, health outcomes, health economics, disease modeling, quality of life, and pharmacoeconomics evaluation related to chronic diseases and cancers.

Dr. Chen’s current research includes cohort studies assessing effectiveness, toxicity, and health resources utilization associated with treatment drugs in real world and development of decision analytic models for disease burden measurement and health technology assessment related to chronic hepatitis B, hepatitis C, liver cancer, and lung cancer. In addition, Dr. Chen is developing a research model that will establish the relationship between pharmacy services and disease burden in Canada to support future pharmacy services development and continue to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Canadian public health care system.

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