Witold Zatoński

Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology, Warsaw, Poland

Witold Zatoński is the Director and Professor in the Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Prevention at Cancer Center & Institute of Oncology in Warsaw, Poland. As founder and President of the Health Promotion Foundation, Professor Zatoński  has been instrumental in launching numerous health campaigns implemented in Poland and other areas of Eastern Europe. Professor Zatoński has recently completed work on the HEM – Closing the Gap project, a complex study examining health inequalities between eastern and western parts of the European Union. At present, Professor Zatoński implements project PONS, aimed at establishing an infrastructure for prospective cohort studies of population health in Poland (www.projectpons.pl). Professor Zatoński has been at the forefront of public health and tobacco control in Poland, Eastern Europe, and internationally, for over 35 years. A passionate activist and researcher, and he has helped promote policy development through research and dissemination of research evidence and best practice. In 2006, he was awarded the Luther L. Terry award for Distinguished Career by the American Cancer Society.