DCP3 Monthly Newsletter - 9th Issue


DCP3's Dean Jamison Speaks at Johns Hopkins Mood Disorders Symposium

DCP3 series editor Professor Dean Jamison spoke at the 28th Annual Johns Hopkins Mood Disorders Research & Education Symposium on Tuesday, April 22.  Dr. Jamison's presentation focused on addressing correlation of economic data with health indicators, and its applicability to mental health.  He described the burden of mental disorders and the cost-effectiveness of various treatment strategies.  This year's symposium theme was "Mood Disorders: An International Perspective."

DCP3's volume on Mental, Neurological, and Substance Use Disorders (Volume 8) is currently scheduled to be published in Fall, 2015.  Draft chapters will be made available for public comment on the website as they become available, beginning in Spring, 2014.  Read more