Neha Raykar

Economist, Quality of Care
Public Health Foundation of India

As Lead Economist at PHFI, Neha Raykar oversees the DCP3 economics team that is working on the determinants of provider quality and patient update aspects of DCP3.  Prior to joining DCP3, Neha worked as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at Colgate University, New York. Her primary field of research is development economics, more specifically in areas of health, education, poverty, and economics of household behavior in developing countries. Her past research includes: evaluating the impact of the Education Guarantee Scheme introduced in Madhya Pradesh in 1997 on women’s educational outcomes, an alternative approach to measuring attainment of the Millennium Development Goals, and estimating the causal impact of family size on female wages across 21 developing countries.

Presently, she works at PHFI as a Lead Economist on the Transform Nutrition Research Programme Consortium and the Disease Control Priorities Network. Her current research includes examining whether women’s political representation in state legislatures improves early childhood nutrition in the districts from which they are elected. She is also on the editorial team of the India Health Report, a bi-annual issue aimed at providing periodic assessment of health in India, with each issue focusing on a specific area of health challenge.  Neha has a PhD in Economics from University of California, Riverside.