Habib Benzian

The Health Bureau Ltd

Dr. Habib Benzian is founding director of The Health Bureau Ltd, a UK-based consulting firm in international health. His professional career started in dentistry where he specialised in oral surgery and implantology for 13 years. After completing an MSc in Dental Public Health at King's College, London, he joined the FDI World Dental Federation in Geneva, Switzerland, as their first Associate Director for Development and Public Health in 2002. In this function he initiated a relaunch of FDI's international health activities and helped to shape the organisation's international profile.

As a recognised expert in international health and dental public health he is lecturer in dental public health at the University College London, other European universities and international conferences. Habib's first work with Myriad was The Oral Health Atlas, which he managed as project leader and co-author. The atlas maps the state of oral health worldwide and details the extent of international neglect and disparities in global oral health.

Through his consulting firm Habib continues to follow his passion for global health issues, focusing on school health, water & sanitation, as well as health policy and evaluation.



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Cost Effectiveness of Dental Surgery Procedures: A Call for Strengthening the Evidence
Lead Author: Habib Benzian
, World Journal of Surgery