Rae Galloway


Rae Galloway has 30 years of experience in international nutrition and has worked to design, implement, supervise and evaluate nutrition programs in 38 developing countries in Africa, Asia, Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and the Pacific. She has expertise in infant and young child feeding, maternal nutrition, agriculture approaches to improving nutrition, non-communicable diseases, school health and nutrition, and micronutrient interventions, particularly multi-sector anemia control, which includes controlling iron deficiency anemia, malaria, and helminth infections.

Ms. Galloway began her international career working in the South Pacific, where she coordinated a regional nutrition and home gardens project in five countries for a U.S. nongovernmental organization. Ms. Galloway worked for the World Bank for 13 years, conducting economic and sector research, writing nutrition strategies, and participating in project preparation and supervision of World Bank health, education, social protection, and agriculture projects. Supported by USAID, Ms. Galloway has worked as the Nutrition Advisor for the MotherCare Project, BASICS Project, and both MCHIP and MCSP.

Chapters Authored

Child and Adolescent Health and Development