DCP3 Monthly Newsletter - Issue 19



Launch of Lancet Commission on Global Surgery Report

On Monday, April 27 the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery was released in front of an audience of current and future leaders in the global surgery and health policy fields, as well as members of the press and public at the Royal Society of Medicine in London.  Dr. John Meara, DCP3 Essential Surgery chapter author and the Director of the Program in Global Surgery and Social Change at Harvard Medical School, chaired the Lancet Commission along with Dr. Andy Leather, and Dr. Lars Hagander.  In addition to the main report, the first set of accompanying research papers, abstracts, and teaching cases are now available on the commission's website.  

The commission involved 25 international experts from a variety of disciplines, including DCP3 Essential Surgery volume editor Dr. Atul Gawande, communications Technical Advisory Group member Dr. Gavin Yamey, Essential Surgery Foreword author Dr. Paul Farmer, and chapter authors Drs. Anna Dare and Iain Wilson.  Essential Surgery editor Dr. Haile Debas also participated in the launch event.  

The North American launch was held on May 6 at Harvard University.  Essential Surgery volume editor Charlie Mock participated in a panel about the role of academia, including researchers, journals, and funders.  

Click here to watch an informational video released in conjunction with the commission report, and to learn more about the commission's ongoing effort to develop recommendations on how to improve the state of global surgical care delivery around the world.  


DCP3 author and Lancet Commission on Global Surgery co-chair Dr. John Meara provides opening remarks at the launch of the commission's report on April 27 in London.

The drumbeat for the importance of surgery that surrounded the release of DCP3’s first volume, Essential Surgery, is continuing. We were pleased to see the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery Report, launched last week in London and next week in Boston. Several DCP3 collaborators worked on both projects, emphasizing a shared message captured in one of the report’s key messages: “Investment in surgical and anaesthesia services is affordable, saves lives, and promotes economic growth.”

Recently, fellow Series Editor Rachel Nugent and I had the privilege of presenting on how to achieve efficiency in health spending to a group of finance ministers at the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Forum. Our presentation was entitled “Be careful what you buy; you might have to pay for it,” and provided examples from DCP3 of money well spent and not-so-well-spent in several developing countries.

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