DCP3 Achieves Major Milestone with Release of Key Messages from Essential Surgery Volume



Essential Surgery Volume Featured at Academic Surgical Congress

On Thursday, February 5, DCP3 Essential Surgery editors and authors led a panel discussion at the 10th Annual Academic Surgical Congress in Las Vegas, NV. The session introduced the Essential Surgery volume; the first volume in the DCP3 nine-volume series.  Volume editors Haile DebasCharles Mock, and Dean Jamison were joined by authors Thomas Weiser and Stephen Bickler on the panel.  The session was chaired by Drs. Susan Orloff and Mamta Swaroop.  

Topics discussed by the editors and authors included:

  • Overview of the Essential Surgery volume

  • Platforms for delivery of trauma care

  • Quality and safety

  • Economics in essential surgery provision

  • Role of research in global surgery

Additionally, the panelists presented a package of 44 essential surgical procedures that would lead to significant improvements in health if they were universally delivered.  This package is outlined in detail in the first chapter of the Essential Surgery volume.  Read more


Essential Surgery lead editor Dr. Haile Debas (center) is joined by chapter author Stephen Bickler (far left), volume editor Charles Mock (second from right), author Tom Weiser (far right), and ASC attendees. Dr. Debas led a DCP3 panel discussion on Essential Surgery at the Academic Surgical Congress on February 5.

February was an exciting month for DCP3. After several years of preparation and planning, we saw our first official milestone – the key messages of our first volume, “Essential Surgery,” published in the Lancet, alongside an introduction to the DCP3 series. To celebrate and spread the news, I joined my fellow volume editors in a panel discussion at the 10th Annual Academic Surgical Congress in Las Vegas on February 5th.

The first installment of our series in the Lancet precedes the launch of DCP3’s first full volume, which will be debuted at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) 6th Annual Conference in Boston on March 26th. We hope you will join us in Boston if you are able, and check out the important findings contained in the “Essential Surgery” volume on the DCP3 website.  Best wishes,