DCP3 Author Presents on Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Hepatitis Treatment

Dr. Elliot Marseille, author for the DCP3 volume on AIDS, STIs, TB and Malaria, presented as part of the University of Washington's Program in Health Economics and Outcomes Methodology (PHEnOM) seminar series.  Dr. Marseille discussed "cost-effectiveness analysis of treatment for Hepatitis: The next BIG thing in global infectious disease" on Thursday, June 19.


University of Washington Harborview Campus

Ninth and Jefferson Building

908 Jefferson St, room 1309

Seattle, WA 98104

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Dr. Marseille visited University of Washington from the Global Health Economics Consortium (GHECon) in San Francisco.  GHECon's goal is to "galvanize University of California San Francisco's health economics capacity to address major challenges in international and domestic health, via locally-tailored analyses, and to advance the field of global health economics."