DCP3 Editor & Authors Present at Health Systems Research Symposium


DCP3 Series Editor, Professor Dean Jamison, author and ACE member Dr.Ole Norheim, and authors Dr. Stephane Verguet and Dr. Addis Woldemariam joined colleagues to organize a session entitled,  "Priorities for Resilient Health Systems: Integrating Equity and Cost-Effectiveness".  The session addressed how to build resilient health systems by prioritizing the right interventions.  Discussions centered around the value and limitations of cost-effectiveness analysis; the additional concerns to be integrated, including distribution and financial risk; and the most promising methods for doing so. 

DCP3 Advisory Committee Chair, Dr. Anne Mills, delivered a plenary speech on retrospective focus to sharpen how we address future challenges, in addition to participating in two organized sessions.





Thursday, November 17, 2016 to Friday, November 18, 2016