DCP3 Series Editor Dean Jamison Speaks at Asian Development Bank



DCP3 lead editor Professor Dean Jamison spoke at the Asian Development Bank on health financing and universal health coverage on August 15, 2016 in Manila.  Professor Jamison's presentation, "Essential UHC: Findings from the Disease Control Priorities Project" provided a general overview of the DCP3 approach and findings, and illustrated those findings through the example of Volume 1, Essential SurgeryDr. Jamison provided a snapshot of the DCP3 package of essential interventions, and overview of the Extended Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (ECEA) method, and a preview of work still in progress. Audience participants included ADB staff, WHO - WPRO staff, Philippine health officials and stakeholders, and other international health partners based in Manila.


Editor Dean Jamison presents at the Asian Development Bank on August 15, 2016 in Manila.