Cancer Care: A Neglected Area in Global Health: Blog Post from Cancer Editor


DCP3 cancer volume lead editor, Hellen Gelband, contributed a piece to the World Bank's blog, "Investing in Health: News and Views in Healthy Development.  Gelband discusses the global neglect of cancer and highlights the importance of building a sustainable infrastructure for cancer control.  Below is an excerpt from the piece:

"Paul Farmer recently wrote in this space about Essential Surgery, the first volume released of nine expected in theDisease Control Priorities, 3rd edition series. He characterized that book as shining a spotlight on a long-neglected topic in global health and gave these reasons for the neglect: “Prevailing wisdom dictated that the surgical disease burden was too low, surgical expenses too high, and delivery of care too complicated.”

Substitute “cancer” for “surgery” and you have the topic and the challenge of the second published DCP3 volume.  Cancer rivals surgery in its degree of global neglect and in Cancer, an equally compelling case is made for stepping up control efforts—including treatment and palliative care in addition to prevention—even in the poorest countries. And of course, surgery is a core component of cancer treatment—more cancer has been cured by surgery alone than by any other means."


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