DCP3 Author Discusses Health Benefits of Salt Reduction

                                                 Heart Week 2014

On May 5, DCP3 author Dr. David Watkins presented his study on the cardiovascular benefits of salt reduction at the World Cardiology Congress in Melbourne, Australia.  Dr. Watkins' study focuses on South Africa, and finds that a reduction in salt intake of 5 grams per day could potentially reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease by 11%.  This reduction would also significantly decrease out-of-pocket expenditures in low- and middle-income households in South Africa.  Learn more about these findings in Dr. Watkins' DCP3 working paper.

Dr. Watkins was featured in a "Cardiology News" article published on May 5, and participated in a radio interview with Radio 2 SER as part of their "Heart Week 2014" promotion.  Visit the 2 SER website to listen to the interview.   



South Africa