DCP3 Author Pens Column on Renewed Efforts to Fight Infectious Diseases




Dr. Corey Casper - lead author for the DCP3 chapter on HIV co-morbidities, and Chief Medical Officer at the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) - recently served as a guest columnist for Life Science Leader, writing about IDRI's increased commitment to expand its portfolio of effective interventions to fight infectious diseases. 

New efforts include partnering with current and different domestic and international organizations to conduct more clinical trials. Notably, these partnerships will be multisectoral, with the goal of creating a flexible vaccine for respiratory infections that can be used by a wide range of sectors.

Access the full column on the Life Science Leader website.

Dr. Casper's DCP3 chapter will appear in the Major Infectious Diseases volume (Volume 6) and will be published here in Fall 2017.