DCP3 Editor Delivers Keynote Address at European Society for Paediatric Research Meeting


Dr. Donald Bundy, lead editor of the DCP3 Child and Adolescent Development volume, addressed the 34th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID) as the keynote speaker in Brighton, UK on May 10 2016. ESPID, the largest paediatric infectious disease meeting in Europe, attracted over 2,300 participants from more than 108 different countries. Dr. Bundy presented the draft conclusions from the volume, emphasizing why nutrition and infection need to be addressed together to improve health and development outcomes, especially in the poorest communities.  His discussion on targeted interventions across critical phases during the life course was well received. Participants noted that this thinking is already well-imbedded among health practitioners in Europe.


Dr. Don Bundy delivers the keynote address at ESPID annual

meeting in front of an audence of 3,300 people.