DCP3 Series Editor, Dean Jamison, Featured in Lancet Commentary Regarding UHC


Authors Richard Horton and Pamela Das of The Lancet cite DCP3 Series Editor Dr. Dean Jamison's idea of progressive universalism in their commentary regarding the implementation of universal health coverage (UHC). While encouraged by the increasing support for UHC among global health organizations and ministries of health, Horton and Das explore the difficulties countries face in achieving the ambitious target.

In their exploration, they credit Jamison and co-authors of the "Global health 2035: a world converging within a generation" publication with providing a philosophical framework in which policy-makers can take steps towards UHC. This framework, called progressive universalism, poses the idea that countries should "include the least well off from the very beginning of the journey towards UHC."

The full commentary is available on The Lancet's website