Global Surgery: Defining an Emerging Global Health Field

 The Lancet published a viewpoint article that defines and describes the importance of essential surgery in global health, the subject of DCP3's first volume to be published in October 2014. Authors, including DCP3 Essential Surgery author John G Meara, and DCP3 contributors Andrew J M Leather, and Sarah L M Greenberg, make a case for investing time and resources in global surgery interventions, which are among the most cost-effective interventions available. 

"Global health is one of the defining issues of the 21st century, attracting unprecedented levels of interest and propelling health and disease from a biomedical process to a social, economic, political, and environmental concern. Surgery, however, has not been considered an integral component of global health and has remained largely absent from the discipline's discourse. After much inattention, surgery is now gaining recognition as a legitimate component of global health...."


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