Launch of DCP3 Companion Publication on Child Development and Education

Spearheaded by DCP3 Volume 8 editor Donald Bundy, and in partnership with the Global Partnership for Education, DCP3 has just released its latest companion publication: “Optimizing Education Outcomes – High-Return Investments in School Health for Increased Participation and Learning,” now available for download.

Along with a new Preface by Julia Gillard, and Prologue by Louise Banham, Lesley Drake, and Bradford Strickland, this publication has coalesced chapters from Volume 8 (Child and Adolescent Health and Development), that are most relevant for the global education community.

The evidence contained in the chapters make clear the relationship between investments in health and educational outcomes. The volume recognizes the great potential synergies between investments in both sectors, and aims to further explore those synergies through cost-effectiveness research. Specifically, this volume identifies the highest return investments in health in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) related to school-age children.Julia Gillard, Board Chair, Global Partnership for Education and former Prime Minister of Australia, writes in the Preface to the edition:

Optimizing Education Outcomes draws on the latest evidence and analysis available in volume 8, Child and Adolescent Health and Development of Disease Control Prioritiesthird edition (DCP3). It makes clear the synergies between education and health investments and outcomes. It also confirms that our efforts and resources must focus on both health and education to achieve further gains in human development and progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals. Long-term goals in health are unattainable without an educated population, and children cannot learn if they suffer from the effects of poor health and nutrition.”

For more details, and to download the Education Edition of Volume 8, click here.