Priorities 2020 - University of Bergen Collaboration

Priority Setting in Global Health – 2020 is a project-based collaboration between DCP3 and bioethicists working on Ethics and Priorities in Global Health at the Department of Global and Public Health at the University of Bergen. The goal is to develop tools to incorporate equity concerns alongside cost-effectiveness information to aid priority setting across interventions and health service delivery platforms relevant for global health.Methods used are ethical analysis, standard and extended cost-effectiveness analysis (ECEA), equity impact analysis and population impact modeling.

Key objectives of the project are to:

  • Clarify principles of equity and develop approaches to construct legitimate age weights and equity weights
  • Explore the value and acceptability of incorporating non-health welfare gains and burdens from health interventions
  • Develop methods and tools to analyze whether an intervention or delivery platform have different
    • impact on different levels of poverty
    • impact on distribution of health
    • impact on distribution and level of population health
  • Apply the tools across interventions and health service delivery platforms for three to five pairs of major global health interventions
  • Perform country-based work in Ethiopia and India where the tools are employed in collaboration with in-country policy relevant partners

Results will be published in DCP3 and research journals.