Training on Health Interventions and Prioritisation Tool for Liberia MOH officials

On 25-27 April 2022, the DCP3 team conducted an applied training on Health Interventions and Prioritisation Tool (HIPtool) in Buchanan, Liberia. The three-day workshop was attended by 12 senior technical personnel from the Ministry of Health of Liberia and partner organisations. The training aimed to familiarise participants with the HIPTool, and demonstrate what local data can be collected to run HIPtool analyses and what questions HIPtool can answer at a national level to inform priority setting. 

HIPtool is an open-access high-impact resource to optimise allocations across essential health services in a package and is aimed at supporting national decision makers in estimating the potential impact of these allocations on population health. It combines context-specific data on burden of disease and intervention effectiveness and allows countries to estimate a health package’s potential impact and facilitate preliminary discussions on priority setting. It also informs stakeholders on how to improve a package by balancing its projected health impacts with equity and financial risk protection for certain populations.

Participants gained practical skills in inputting data into HIPtool, linking and comparing local services and activities to globally selected interventions, running HIPtool analyses, interpreting the results, and answering priority setting questions using the tool. The experience gained at this training will be applied to run future analyses and develop allocation scenarios.

During the last day of training, participants also revised HIPtool data to generate a ranking/league table of interventions selected during the mapping and analysis exercise based on cost-effectiveness. The results of the preliminary HIPtool analysis were discussed at the EPHS II prioritization workshop on 28th of April in Monrovia attended by Technical Working Groups on RMNCAH, Communicable Diseases, Non-Communicable Diseases, Health Services, Emergency Preparedness and Response, and partner organisations.