World Heart Day 2014: Salt Reduction

About World Heart Day 2014

The World Heart Federation's Word Heart Day - held annually on September 29 - is a time to focus on creating heart-healthy environments by encouraging people to make healthy lifestyle choices, including reducing salt intake.  The World Health Organizaton (WHO) promoted their sodium reduction recommendations this World Heart Day, which aim to cut the number of people experiencing disease and stroke due to salt consumption.  The goal fo these recommendations is to see a 30% reduction in global salt intake by 2015.  

“If the target to reduce salt by 30% globally by 2025 is achieved, millions of lives can be saved from heart disease, stroke and related conditions,” says Dr Oleg Chestnov, WHO Assistant Director-General for Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health.


DCP3 and Salt Reduction

The DCP3 volume on Cardio-metbolic and respiratory diseases will feature a chapter on averted cardiovascular disease and impoverishment due to salt reduction in South Africa.  This chapter wil be based on recent analysis led by Dr. David Watkins.  Learn more about these findings in Dr. Watkins' DCP3 working paper.  




World Heart Day 2014: Heart Choices not Hard Choices

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