DCP3 Cancer Volume Presented at AORTIC Conference in Marrakech



DCP3 Cancer volume editors and authors launched the Cancer volume at the 2015 AORTIC conference - "AORTIC Roadmap to Cancer Control in Africa - in Marrakech, Morocco November 18, 2015.  Editors Hellen Gelband, Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan, and Sue Horton joined chapter authors for a panel event presenting the cancer volume's main messages, with a particular focus on the economic analyses presented in the volume.  

Chaired by Hellen Gelband, the session featured presentations on childhood cancers, cervical cancer, palliative care, cancer registries and surveillance, and economic analyses of essential cancer packages. Click here to view the full AORTIC program.

For more information about AORTIC, visit the conference website.  Read a spotlight of the DCP3 event on the AORTIC website.  


DCP3 Cancer chapter author Dr. Sumit Gupta, Cancer editors Hellen Gelband, and Dr. Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan, and author Dr. Lynette Denny following their panel session at AORTIC on November 18. 
       Audience members wait for the DCP3 cancer volume panel session to begin at the AORTIC conference in Marrakesh on November 18.
DCP3 author Dr. Sumit Gupta pauses for a photo following the DCP3 panel session.  Dr. Gupta served as lead author for the "Treating Childhood Cancers in Low- and Middle-Income Countries" chapter.
       DCP3 author Lynette Denny (right) shakes hands with Emmanuel Luyirika of the African Palliative Care Association.  Dr. Denny served as lead author for the chapter on cervical cancer.


DCP3 editor Sue Horton presents cost and cost-effectiveness of the essential cancer package elements in the volume.