Zachary Olson

University of California, Berkeley

Zachary served as a Health Economics Analyst with the Disease Control Priorities network for nearly two years. At DCPN,  Zach assisted the Principal Investigator and Project Director in conducting, evaluating, and synthesizing global health research on a range of topics. This work included advancing methods for including equity and financial risk protection into economic evaluations of health policies. Zach also participated in the Network's capacity building activities, presenting at workshops in developing countries. 

Zach is currently a PhD student in Health Services and Policy Analysis with a concentration in Economics at UC Berkeley. His research primarily focuses on the impact that conditional cash transfer programs have on health. He is currently working with the Collective Health Institute in Salvador, Brazil, where he is interested in measuring the extent to which including conditionality improves program performance in Bolsa Familia. Before beginning his studies at UC Berkeley, Zach earned a BA in International Relations at Connecticut College and an MA in International Development from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. 



Articles and Reports

Helmet Regulation in Vietnam: Impact on Health, Equity and Medical Impoverishment
Lead Author: Zachary Olson
, Injury Prevention