DCP3 Monthly Newsletter - Issue 22



DCP3 Staff Present Economic Analyses at International Health Economics Asscociation Conference


On July 13-15, DCP3’s Drs. Rachel Nugent, Carol LevinStephane Verguet, and David Watkins led sessions and give presentations on economic evaluation for health, including recent findings using the DCP3 extended-cost-effectiveness analysis (ECEA) method, at the 11th World Congress of the International Health Economics Association (iHEA) in Milan, Italy.  

The DCP3 team - along with DCP3 authors and collaborators Dr. Solomon Temmema Memirie from Ethiopia and Dr. Nisreen Salti from Lebanon - presented results from DCP3 regarding costs, cost-effectiveness, and investing in health. Of particular interest were the presentations of DCP3's Extended Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (ECEA) methodology which quantifies equity and financial risk protection benefits of health interventions.  An ECEA session chaired by DCP3 Advisory Committee Chair Dr. Anne Mills included Dr. Verguet offering a brief primer on the ECEA methodology and presentations of three completed ECEAs,:

  • Universal public finance for treatment and prevention of diarrhea and pneumonia in Ethiopia (Dr. Memirie)
  • Impact of helmet regulation in Vietnam on health, equity, and medical impoverishment (Dr. Nugent
  • The consequences of tobacco taxation on household health and finances among poorer and richer households in Lebanon (Dr. Salti)

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DCP3's Stephane Verguet, Carol Levin, Rachel Nugent, and Solomon Memirie pose for a photo between sessions at the international Health Economics Association (iHEA) conference July 12-15 in Milan.

DCP3’s mission is to support and promote the use of economic evaluation for priority setting in health at the global and national levels. Our team was therefore in their element this month at the 11th World Congress of the International Health Economics Association (iHEA) in Milan, Italy. Our staff, including Drs. Rachel Nugent, Carol LevinStephane Verguet, and David Watkins, led sessions and presented at the conference on topics ranging from DCP3’s novel extended CEA methods to the global economics of investing in nutrition. Our work has also been appearing elsewhere this month, with a meeting on implementing ideas from the Lancet Commission on Investing in Health and a piece in the Huffington Post about the costs and benefits of preventing non-communicable diseases. These exciting events precede what we anticipate will be a busy fall, with the next three DCP3 volumes queued for release.  Best wishes,