DCP3 Economists Publish New Paper on Tackling Non-Communicable Diseases



DCP3's Dr. Rachel Nugent, with assistance from Health Economics Analyst Elizabeth Brouwer, recently authored a paper for the Copenhagen Consensus Center that argues the increased burden of non-communicable diseases in low-income countries can be curtailed by implementing effective and inexpensive interventions, averting over five million deaths annually.

In a July 24 blog post on the Huffington Post blog, Copenhagen Consensus Center President Bjorn Lomborg describes the paper by saying, “[the authors] look at a range of targets that collectively could cut almost a third of all premature deaths from NDCs by 2030. This is a pretty demanding target, because premature death rates are already quite low in the developed world, and most of the deaths below age 70 occur in poorer countries. And the problem is accelerating. The number of people affected by these diseases is set to increase by 17% over the next ten years."

Read a summary of the paper on the Copenhagen Consensus Center website, or download the entire paper here.