DCP3 Staff Present at International Health Economics Association Conference



On July 13-15, DCP3’s Drs. Rachel Nugent, Carol Levin, Stephane Verguet, and David Watkins led sessions and give presentations on economic evaluation for health, including recent findings using the DCP3 extended-cost-effectiveness analysis (ECEA) method, at the 11th World Congress of the international Health Economics Association (iHEA) in Milan, Italy.  

Monday, July 13:

1. Dr. Verguet (presenter): Beyond Cost-Effectiveness Analyses

  • Quantifying the equity and financial risk protection benefits of vaccines using ECEA


Tuesday, July 14:

1. Dr. Nugent (chair): Cost-Effectiveness and Welfare Impacts of Nutrition Policies

2. Dr. Levin (chair): Methodological Issues of Health Care Cost Estimates in Low- and Middle-Income Settings 


3. Dr. Levin (presenter): Investing in Nutrition

  • Cost and cost-effectiveness of Mama SASHA project- an integrated health and agriculture project to maximize the nutrition outcomes among pregnant women and their children in Western Kenya


4. Dr. Verguet (presenter): Enhancing Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to Provide Information to Decision Makers about Equity Impacts 

  • Seeking the efficient purchase of non-health benefits using the extended cost-effectiveness analysis (ECEA) methodology


Wednesday, July 15:

1. Dr. Nugent (chair) and Dr. Watkins (presenter): Economics of Non-Communicable Diseases in LMICs

  • Tradeoffs between prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease in low-resource settings


2. Dr. Nugent (presenter) and Dr. Verguet (sponsor):

Using ECEA to Estimate the Financial Risk Protection and Equity Benefits of Health Policy

Three DCP3 ECEAs were presented during this session, chaired by DCP3 Advisory Committee chair Dr. Anne Mills

  • Universal public finance for treatment and prevention of diarrhea and pneumonia in Ethiopia
  • Impact of helmet regulation in Vietnam on health, equity, and medical impoverishment
  • The consequences of tobacco taxation on household health and finances among poorer and richer households in Lebanon


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DCP3's Stephane Verguet, Carol Levin, Rachel Nugent, and Solomon Memire at the iHEA conference in Milan, Italy.
       DCP3's David Watkins gives a talk on sustainable treatments of cardiovascular disease in low- and middle-income countries.  



DCP3 author Dr. Solomon Memire presents an ECEA on universal public finance for treatment and prevention of diarrhea and pneumonia in Ethiopia
       Health economists Annette Bongiovanni, Carol Levin, Ulla Griffiths, and Logan Brenzel pose for a photo inbetween iHEA sessions.


Monday, July 13, 2015 to Wednesday, July 15, 2015