DCP - EMRO Convene Policymakers for Dialogue on Cardiovascular Disease



On Saturday, November 14 in Geneva, Switzerland, DCP3 and WHO-EMRO hosted a policy forum on cardiovascular disease (CVD) which brought together policymakers and experts on CVD to gain policy insights, perspectives, and engagement to enhance the relevance and usability of the DCP3 volume on cardiovascular, respiratory, and related disorders.  

Representatives from 12 countries joined DCP3 volume editors and authors to review the key findings and recommendations of the cardiovascular, respiratory, and related disorders volume for scaling up interventions and their implications for policy and service development.


Meeting Resources:


EMR representatives and DCP3 editors and authors gather to discuss CVD priority setting in the region.
       Forum participants break out into small groups to discuss priority interventions for cardiovascular disease prevention in the Eastern Mediterranean region on November 14.
EMRO Regional Director and DCP3 Advisory Committee member Dr. Ala Alwan leads a group activity at the DCP-EMRO policy forum to discsus CVD on November 14.
       Policymakers and DCP3 editors discuss the key mesages from the DCP3 volume on cardiovascular, respiratory, and related disorders at the November 14 policy forum.


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