DCP - EMRO Host First Policy Forum with Key Stakeholders on Mental Health

On Tuesday, June 16 DCP3 and WHO-EMRO hosted a policy forum on mental health which brought together policymakers and experts on mental health to gain policy insights, perspectives, and engagement to enhance the relevance and usability of the DCP3 volume on mental, neurological, and substance use disorders.

Representatives from 10 countries joined DCP3 editors and authors to review the key findings and recommendations of the mental health volume for scaling up interventions and their implications for policy and service development. Together the group:

  • Identified country needs and requirements for successful MNS evidence uptake and policy implementation,
  • Reflected the national policymaker's perspectives on the key findings and recommendations of the volume, and 
  • Developed a roadmap for promoting engagement between academia and policymakers to support scaling up mental, neurological and substance use interventions in national public health programs.


Meeting resources:


Mental Health volume editors (from left) Tarun Dua, Maria Elena Medina Mora, Dan Chisholm, and Vikram Patel present key messages from the volume.
       From left, Patrick Papania, Dr. Ala Alwan, Dr. Damian Walker, Dr. Nasser Lozo (Egypt), and Dr. Suraya Dalil (Afghanistan) participate in a discussion on solutions for scaling up mental health care.



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