DCP3 Featured at Binational Health Forum in Mexico City



Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition findings was featured at the second Binational Health Forum in Mexico City February 21 – 23, 2018, organized and sponsored by the Health Working Group of the University of California-Mexico Initiative. A main objective of this event was to disseminate recommendations from DCP3 using Spanish versions of the overview chapters from the 9 DCP3 volumes. The main findings are intended to serve as a roadmap for improving health and reducing poverty in low- and middle-income countries. Discussions during this forum will be centered on various DCP3 topics such as essential surgery, child development, injury prevention, and environmental risks.

The forum opened with inaugural remarks by Dr. Enrique Graue, President of Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, followed by DCP3 Principal Investigator and Series editor, Dean Jamison, who opened with the key messages of DCP3. 

Breakout sessions:

  • Essential Surgery:  This panel highlighted the key messages of the DCP3 Essential Surgery volume (volume 1), provided a setting for discussion on important opportunities and challenges that global health practitioners often face, and how to make the most of limited resources in the ever-changing and increasingly complex world. This session, held on February 21, was chaired by Dean Jamison and series editor Charles Mock served as a panelist.


  • Injury Prevention and Environmental Health: The session provided an overview of the disease burden, risk factors, and trends in morbidity and mortality attributable to injuries and environmental hazards. Panelists shared key messages from the DCP3 volume, giving particular emphasis to the intervention packages and their contribution to UHC. This session, held on February 22, was chaired by DCP3 series editor Charles Mock, and included series editor Rachel Nugent and author Ala Alwan as panelists.


  • Child and Adolescent Health and Development: This breakout session fostered a panel discussion on the key messages and findings of DCP3 Volume 8 (Child and Adolescent Health and Development). Guided by opening remarks and context from DCP3 Series editor, Dean Jamison, the conversation emphasized important opportunities and challenges that global health practitioners may face in addressing child and adolescent health. This panel tpook place on the afternoon of February 22. 


The overview chapters from DCP3 Volumes 1 through 9, in addition to Chapters 2 and 3 of Volume 9, are available in Spanish. Download the chapters here.

Los capítulos generales de DCP3 Volúmenes 1 a 9, además de los Capítulos 2 y 3 del Volumen 9, están disponibles en español. Descargue los capítulos aquí.


Additional DCP3 contributors who participated in this forum included:


Pan America
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 to Friday, February 23, 2018