DCP3 Session at Gates Foundation Partners Forum

On Thursday, May 7 DCP3 editors and authors led a session at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Partners Forum in Seattle, WA. The session presented early findings from the first few DCP3 volumes.  Specifically DCP3 Essential Surgery editor Dr. Charles Mock presented key messages from the volume in the context of reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH).  RMNCH volume editor Dr. Robert Black summarized the main advances in the area of RMNCH and presented  preliminary findings from the volume, particularly around essential intervention packages.

Additionally, volume editor Dr. Donald Bundy provided a preview of key findings from the Child & Adolescent Development volume (expected spring 2016) and Cancer chapter author Edward Trimble discussed potential implementation science research emerging from the DCP3 series.

The event concluded with a discussion about DCP3's influence at the global, country, and donor level with series editors Rachel Nugent and Dean Jamison, DCPN EMRO representative Patrick Papania, and DCPN Senior Program Officer Damian Walker.  



Session agenda


Essential Surgery editor Charles Mock, RMNCH editor Robert Black, Series Editor Dean Jamison, and Essential Surgery author Joesph Babigumira lead a discussion on clear messages and new applications for RMNCH.
       RMNCH editor Robert Black presents preliminary findings from the DCP3 RMNCH volume.