DCP3 Tuberculosis Authors Meeting

On June 30, 2014 a group of DCP3 editors and authors for the section on Tuberculosis met to review the current draft chapter on TB and to discuss the chapter's main messages.  Meeting attendees devoted a substantial part of the meeting to planning the economics section of this chapter, both in terms of what can be learned from existing literature and the need to generate new analysis.  Other meeting objectives included:

  • Agree on any additional authors for sub-sections and expected contributions
  • Clarify and agree on DCP3 support to authors
  • Agree on deadlines and submission process


The DCP3 AIDS, STIs, TB and Malaria volume is currently slated for publication in Fall, 2015.  Draft chapters will be available for informal review and public comment on the DCP3 website beginning in early 2015.  






DCP3 editors Drs. Rachel Nugent, Barry Bloom, and Prabhat Jha discuss the economic section of the Tuberculosis chapter of DCP3.

  DCP3 contributors and Secretariat staff listen to a presentation on economic modeling of the impact of new TB vaccines, given via teleconference by DCP3 author Gwen Knight.