DCP3's Rachel Nugent Speaks at World Food Security Meeting


DCP3 Project Director and editor Dr. Rachel Nugent spoke at the Committee on World Food Security's 42nd Session on "Making a Difference in Food Security and Nutrition" on October 14 in Rome, Italy.  Dr. Nugent's keynote address focused on the implementation of the ICN2 Framework for Action, and she was joined by a panel of experts from the Food & Agriculture Organization, the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, the Brazilian Ministry of Social Development, and the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture.  

Dr. Nugent's special session was part of a 4-day meeting of global experts in food security, nutrition, agriculture, and sustainable food systems.  Click here for a detailed meeting agenda, and follow the event on Twitter using #cfs42.   Read a blog post written by Dr. Nugent on the Global Nutrition Report blog here.