Global Health 2035 Columbia University Discussion and Launch


Members of the Lancet Commission on Investing in Health gathered at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health on February 19 for a panel discussion of the commission's report "Global Health 2035: A World Converging Within a Generation."  DCP3 series editor and commission co-chair Dr. Dean Jamison presented the report's key findings, along with DCP3 Surgery volume editor Professor Margaret Kruk.  The panel was moderated by Dr. Richard Besser, Chief Health and Medical Editor for ABC News.  

Click here to download the event agenda.  Video of the launch event can be found on the Columbia Website.



DCP3 series editor Dean Jamison, Essential Surgery volume editor Margaret Kruk, and Communications Advisor Gavin Yamey, served as commissioners and co-authors of the Lancet report.


Dr. Richard Besser, ABC News' Chief Health and Medical Editor, moderates the panel discussion at the February 19 event at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health.